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part of a Bryan Q Miller interview... only a little bit rambly

From Comic Related. It was an awkward, long interview as the guy asking questions continuously fumbled for words and stuttered, but there was a lot of good stuff from BQM. Maybe I'll transcribe some more parts later, but lawd it was over an hour long.
"I think, whether or not he'd ever admit it, she's definitely has started to earn Damian's respect, which I think is a very hard thing to earn. And was so much fun to watch with Dick and Damian trying to work out their working relationship and kind of their Lethal Weapon dynamic. I think it's hard earned, but she's probably got some grounding points with him. But then from her side of it too, she never had a younger sibling and I think she's kinda situated herself into this kind of older sister kinda role with Damian. Especially because she's quasi-lost her life before and is working in this clean-slate, second-chance-for-everything mode in the Batgirl title, she definitely, because of her upbringing with Cluemaster dad and there was a time when her mom didn't really have everything all that together, that she didn't get to have that much of a childhood. So, she defniitely, in Damian, sees a chance to make sure that someone else gets the childhood she didn't have. One can also kind of reach and say it's also got something to do with that she gave a child away. So there's a maternal instinct that she definitely has, not just towards Damian but also to the other people in her life in the city. She's trying to make up for lost time whether she knows it or not."