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2014-05-03 01:21 pm
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synodiporia application

P L A Y E R;
NAME: Fudgey
AGE: 24
CONTACT: continuing@plurk

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Stephanie Brown
CANON: DC Comics
POINT IN CANON: Last issue, while under the influence of Black Mercy.
AGE: 19
CANON HISTORY: A convenient wiki link.
CANON PERSONALITY: For a member of the Bat family, Stephanie is comparatively normal. Outside of the cowl, she’s merely a resident of Gotham--she has no ties to Bruce Wayne, no ties to GPD, and still lives with her mother. No one would ever think that the generally good tempered, sometimes embarrassingly silly college student that sometimes has trouble keeping her internal thoughts on the inside spends her nights running around the city fighting crime. But that’s what she does, and has been doing under various names, be it the Spoiler, Robin, or Batgirl. Her classmates see her as awkward and unreliable, her mother loves her and praises her for getting B’s in her classes, and her teammates have, after a long struggle, come to accept her.

Steph likes to keep a cheerful front no matter what the circumstance, spouting quips at enemies and tossing around a self-depreciating sense of humor. She likes to poke fun and tease, and it’s easy to see that as her not taking matters seriously--but she does. It’s just how she deals. She knows that life is too short to be miserable. Of course, that doesn’t mean she never is. There are a few sore spots for Steph, such as her relationship with her father, the baby she gave up for adoption, and that time she started a gang war in Gotham, was tortured, and faked her death. That last one has given her enough guilt to last a lifetime, and she never, ever wants to be in that position again. So she’s more careful, more thoughtful, and never wants to put the people she loves through the misery of losing her again.

It’s been a bumpy road to the Batcave, but one of Stephanie’s best qualities is that she doesn’t give up. She loves to prove people wrong, and being told she’ll never be a hero and never be more than the daughter of a criminal and pill popper just fueled her to fight and train and work harder. She was eager to prove to the world that she was more than a criminal mastermind wannabe’s daughter, and that she had the power to make a difference, just like Batman and Robin. She grew up idolizing heroes like Superman, but once Batman had thrown her father into jail and became the focus of his hate, she found a new hero.

Unfortunately, he became another unsteady role model, but Stephanie still persevered. In her life, Stephanie's been screwed over by mentor figures a lot. Her father was a source of a lot of emotional anguish. Someone who was supposed to love her, protect her, and be good to her did nothing but hurt her. He left her with a man that tried to rape her, and it's not easy to forget that your father nearly threw acid in your face, either. While he was in and out of jail, her mother stoned out of her mind, Stephanie looked elsewhere for a mentor. For a time, she found one in her gymnastics coach--but he turned out to be a criminal. Finally, that left her with Batman, who couldn't seem to decide whether to keep her around or not. Many times he told her to stop trying and go home, but he also trained her and extended his hand several times. It confused Steph, who only really wanted some sort of approval from a mentor. In time, she finds one in Barbara Gordon, who becomes a friend and advocate for her place with the Bats, but she also comes to the point where she doesn’t need or want anyone’s approval, and she can survive without guidance, too.

Stubbornness is a trait most of the Bats share, and Steph’s not exempt from it. Not even Batman could scare her away from vigilantism. Of course, her stubbornness can be a little wild and unwieldy, but over the years she’s reeled herself in. A once reckless girl has become a reliable asset. When she fights, it’s obvious to see how she was once Robin: there’s a sense of lightness and fun in the way she moves. She enjoys the thrill.

It's taken some time for Stephanie to get a hang of Batman's non-lethal methods of fighting. She's never purposely killed anyone, but on more than one occasion she's had to be called off and reprimanded for being too violent. Killing is a slippery slope, she understands, but a small part of her doesn't completely see eye to eye with Batman on this issue. At the same time, Stephanie can empathize with those who turn to crime, knowing that sometimes they might not have a choice. She believes in second chances (most of the time), and having opportunities to atone for past mistakes. Crime in Gotham is a macro level issue, but Stephanie's always been one to focus energies in the mico aspect of it--Spoiler worked in the suburbs, places Batman and Robin didn't always reach. Gotham is a hole, but she can at least do her best to make the streets feel safe.

At first, being a hero was a big “fuck you” to her father and those who put her down. As she worked with Robin it became much more than that: it became a fight for Gotham, to protect its people, and to make sure children didn’t grow up in miserable homes like she did. That’s what it’s all about.

Hope is what drives Stephanie. Hope for better, hope for safer streets, hope for a brighter tomorrow, hope that things get better. She doesn't want the bat on her chest to inspire fear--but optimism. Even though the world has made it painfully clear that such an outlook is just asking for trouble, she continues to believe in the best of people. She believes in the good, and that people can rise above what they're born into. She's not unshakable, but what makes Stephanie who she is is her determination. She can crack a bit, but she'll never break entirely. Her mistakes don’t define her--they make her want to be better.

ABILITIES: Stephanie is your average human, though she's a very fit one--even before she decided to become a vigilante, she was involved in gymnastics and sports in school. Training under the likes of Batman, Black Canary, and the previous Batgirl, her fighting skills are a mish-mash of various styles and no style at all, but she gets shit done. She's picked up skills from working with Robins and Oracle, and while she's no genius, she's quick on her feet and can usually get herself out of trouble. Steph's always a few pegs behind the rest of the Bats, but she's been through the training from the time when she was Robin--she knows how to be a detective, even if she'd much rather do the punching. She can swing around rooftops and play as hard as anyone else.

In addition to basic first aid, she spent over a year in Africa with doctor Leslie Thompkins, leaning how to administer medicine and expanded on her medical skills.
INVENTORY; Steph would be in her Batgirl suit, which is armored and insulated. The suit also comes with a utility belt that has batarangs, a bo staff, and a grappling gun.

S A M P L E S;

"You are freaking kidding me."

Seven fifty-four in the morning. Six minutes until cultural anthropology. She has her notebook for once, a pencil loaded with lead, a highlighter. She's a pro note taker this morning. Hell, she's even done more than half of her homework, so she'll only have to scribble down answers frantically for the back of the sheet. She's the picture of a B-average student.

Except for the giant bruise along the left side of her jaw. Eggplant may be her favorite color, but on her face? Not so much. She turns her head left and right, examining her new addition in the car Batman Inc. had oh-so-terribly forced on her. The purple beast she parks in the far corners of the parking lot, just so no one thinks that Stephanie Brown has some sugar daddy.

Now they'll just think she gets beat, got into a fight, or fell down a flight of stairs. The second is the accurate answer, but she's pretty sure she'll go with the third. Given her reputation amongst her three-to-five friends in this class, they'll buy it without question.

"Do we even bother with a pathetic application of--" She digs through her bag. Last night's punch to the face didn't feel terrible, but maybe that was the adrenaline of getting home an hour before she had to get to class talking. Suit off and hidden in the closet, civilian clothes on, backpack packed, and out the door she had gone. Without any cover up.

"--lip gloss. Okay. Looks like we're wearing it proudly."

She can already hear Jordanna's oh-my-gawd-what-happened-to-your-face-did-you-walk-into-a-glass-door commentary. Nevertheless, she shoulders her bag and exits her car with shoulders squared.

Such is the life of Stephanie Brown.
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2012-01-12 02:31 am
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every moment is a second chance

trouble is a friend of mine
so don't be alarmed
if he takes you by the arm
I won't let him win
but I'm a sucker for his charm

SOMEDAY tegan and sara
might paint something I might want to hang here someday
might write something I might want to say to you someday
might do something I'd be proud of someday
mark my words, I might be something someday

don't you want my love?
it's a cloud, it's a broken boat
but it might make you laugh a bit easier
I'm like the trees in the midnight parks
oozing danger, igniting sparks

THE MIDDLE jimmy eat world
hey, don't write yourself off yet
it's only in your head, you feel left out or looked down on
just try your best, try everything you can
and don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away

IT'S ONLY LIFE kate voegele
but you can't win
if you never give in to that voice within
saying pick up your chin
baby let go of it

THIS IS WAR ingrid michaelson
i won't surrender
i will fight better
you lock me out, you knock me down
but i will find my way around
i won't surrender
this is war
this is war

KING OF ANYTHING sara bareilles
you're so busy makin' maps
with my name on them in all caps
you got the talkin' down just not the listening
and who cares if you disagree
you are not me
who made you king of anything?
so you dare tell me who to be
who died and made you king of anything?

START OVER AGAIN addison road
now is the time
to step from the dark into the light
'cause you can’t change what you’ve done
but you can choose who you’ll become

WIDE AWAKE katy perry
I'm wide awake
not losing any sleep
picked up every piece
and landed on my feet
I'm wide awake
need nothing to complete myself, no

THE FIGHTER gym class heroes
give 'em hell, turn their heads
gonna live life 'til we're dead
give me scars, give me pain
then just say to me, say to me, say to me
there goes a fighter, there goes a fighter
here comes a fighter
that's what they'll say to me, say to me
say to me, this one's a fighter

WE'LL BE ALRIGHT travie mccoy
we are young, we run free
stay up late, we don’t sleep
got our friends, got the night
we’ll be alright

TAKE BACK THE CITY snow patrol
it's a mess
it's a start
it's a flawed work of art
your city, your call
every crack, every wall
pick a side, pick a fight
get your epitaph right
you can sing til you drop
'cause the fun just never stops

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2011-07-07 03:24 pm
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part of a Bryan Q Miller interview... only a little bit rambly

From Comic Related. It was an awkward, long interview as the guy asking questions continuously fumbled for words and stuttered, but there was a lot of good stuff from BQM. Maybe I'll transcribe some more parts later, but lawd it was over an hour long.
"I think, whether or not he'd ever admit it, she's definitely has started to earn Damian's respect, which I think is a very hard thing to earn. And was so much fun to watch with Dick and Damian trying to work out their working relationship and kind of their Lethal Weapon dynamic. I think it's hard earned, but she's probably got some grounding points with him. But then from her side of it too, she never had a younger sibling and I think she's kinda situated herself into this kind of older sister kinda role with Damian. Especially because she's quasi-lost her life before and is working in this clean-slate, second-chance-for-everything mode in the Batgirl title, she definitely, because of her upbringing with Cluemaster dad and there was a time when her mom didn't really have everything all that together, that she didn't get to have that much of a childhood. So, she defniitely, in Damian, sees a chance to make sure that someone else gets the childhood she didn't have. One can also kind of reach and say it's also got something to do with that she gave a child away. So there's a maternal instinct that she definitely has, not just towards Damian but also to the other people in her life in the city. She's trying to make up for lost time whether she knows it or not."
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2011-07-04 08:38 pm
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(no subject)

How's my driving? How am I doing? If I'm doing something wrong, I'd like to be corrected. Comment here with anything you want to bring to my attention, or if you have any questions about her! ♥
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2010-12-09 02:38 pm
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from Bryan Q Miller

From The Source:
Bruce Wayne travelled through time, a living, temporal bomb – teeming with highly dangerous Omega energy. He was a caveman, a pirate, a pilgrim, a cowboy, a gumshoe… something with computer tentacles from the far future… And when he finally got home, when Bruce Wayne finally beat death, beat fate, conquered time itself, what happened?


Right across that beautiful, battle-scarred, chiseled chin of his. It was a gut reaction. He put her through a test she knew she didn’t need, after a year of Stephanie proving to the entire world that she deserved a second chance. She was offended. Disgusted. And in that moment… she had a natural, human reaction. And then what happened after that?

Batgirl apologized.

Because Stephanie Brown is a person. Who is also a hero. And a girl. But first and foremost, she’s a person… who watches Futurama reruns on basic cable (but that’s beside the point). Knowing that is key to writing Batgirl (not the Zoidberg part; the person part.)

She’s a human being. Free to make her own mistakes, to have her own triumphs. Sure, she has limitations… but Stephanie knows what they are. And she isn’t going to let anything hold her back. Batgirl’s becoming more self-aware, as we all do when we’re her age. She’s growing.

Have I ever been a nineteen year old girl who moonlights as a costumed vigilante?

The short answer is “No.” But I have been nineteen – just like Stephanie. Right at the edge of undeniable, honest-to-goodness adulthood. She’s finding herself, and in the pages of Batgirl, we’re right there beside her, along for the ride.

And much like everyone’s first year of college, Stephanie’s is going to be a bumpy one. Filled with Reapers and Witch Boys. Beetles and Bathounds. Deadlines and finals. Even though extraordinary things come her way, there’s always the “normal” thrown into the mix.

Batgirl by her very nature should be immediately relatable to the reader. That’s why we gave her a costume where you can see her eyes and, more importantly, her smile. She’s a hero with emotion, which is both her biggest vulnerability… and her greatest asset. And in that space in between, that’s where Batgirl’s sense of hope comes from.

Hope for a brighter tomorrow. Hope for a safer Gotham. Hope for a second chance at… everything. Batgirl not only wants the world to be a better place, but she believes that it’s possible. Which means that (hopefully) Stephanie Brown is just like you and me. Except that she knows some karate.

I do not know karate. Kudos to you if you do.